Peter Jackson To Direct Two HOBBIT Films In 3D?

Has Lord Of The Rings impresario Peter Jackson finally buried the hatchet with New Line Cinema honcho Tom Shaye?

That’s what Jim Dorey over at MarketSaw seems to think.

The site is reporting that Jackson is definitely going to be adapting J R R Tolkien’s The Hobbit, filming a two film prequel to his landmark Lord Of The Rings trilogy. In addition, Jackson will be shooting the films in 3D! Furthermore, Jackson will also be going back to Rings and converting the trilogy into 3D for re-release. Presumable this will be similar to the way A Nightmare Before Christmas has been converted.

The two-part Hobbit adaptation is an idea that has been around for awhile. Jackson has stated that he would use some of Tolkien’s supplimentary notes to expand the original novel and provide a stronger link between it and The Lord Of The Rings.

Although currently in production on his latest film, The Lovely Bones, Jackson is also developing a three film adaptation of the Belgium comic strip Tintin with Steven Spielberg, to be produced through mtion capture animation in 3D, much in the same way the recently released Beowulf was produced, but preserving the strip’s distinctive character designs.

While MarketSaw is a relatively new site, I tend to think their might be something to their source. Earlier this week, the site was asked politely by Twentieth Century Fox lawyers to remove an image of one of the aliens from James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar, an image supplied by the same source as this story.

As it is now the weekend, we’ll probably have to wait until st least Monday before any official word on this story.

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