Peter Jackson To Direct Two HOBBIT Films In 3D? – Probably Not

More rumor debunking, this time the story that spread on Friday that Peter Jackson was going to be directing a two-film adaptation of J R R Tolkien’s The Hobbit in 3D.

Well, the folks over at AintItCoolNews, who have long had a working relationship with Jackson and his production company, made a call or two and are reporting that Jackson’s folks are saying that the story is categorically “not true.”

Of course, if one wishes to grasp at straws, it is possible that someday Jackson may just get around to doing his planned Hobbit adaptation. However, Jackson has to finish production on his current film, The Lovely Bones, before he moves onto his collaboration with Steven Spielberg on their planned trilogy adapting the Belgium comic strip Tintin. Besides his already busy schedule, the other major stumbling block on Jackson diving into work on The Hobbit, is his current disagreement with New Line Pictures head honcho Bob Shaye over merchandising and other revenues from the trilogy. Currently, New Line’s rights to distrubute a Hobbit film revert back to producer Saul Zaentz in 2010. Zaentz has said that once the rights revert back to him, he would welcome the chance to make the film with Jackson for another studio.

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