Todd Solondz’s Latest In Limbo

Since Todd Solondz 1995 indie hit Welcome To The Dollhouse, his films have increasingly delved into the darker side of the human condition, presenting disturbing portraits of behavior that have left audiences extremely uncomfortable. It is perhaps no surprise that this trend in viewer discomfort, no matter how artistically well done, has lead to a steady decline in box office for his films.

It’s that decline in box office that may be the source of Solondz’s trouble in getting his latest film, Life During Wartime, financed. The former PeeWee Herman, Paul Reubens, told MTV Movies Blog that although he has been cast in the film, he hasn’t been able to get to work on it as its start of production keeps getting delayed.

If it gets made, I’m doing it – but I’m not sure. It’s gotten pushed three times. He’s had problems with the financing on it. To me it’s such a sad state of events that he can’t get that movie made. He’s such a talented guy. His movies are so incredible.

Reubens also states that Solondz may be taking a cue from fellow indie director Kevin Smith and is having characters from some of his previous films appearing in this new film.

It’s characters from Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness whose paths converge. It’s all different people playing the same roles. I’m playing a role someone else played in one of those movies.

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