David Lynch Expresses Feelings On Films On Cell Phones

A few years back when the Sony’s PSP handheld game console came out, I questioned why anyone would want to use it to watch movies. The tiny screen meant that any detail the director tried to put into a shot was invariably lost, resulting in only the broadest of strokes visable to the viewer. Evidentally, PSP users elt the same way and movie releases for the handheld unit went the same way as Betamax tapes.

But the failure of PSP as a way of watching movies hasn’t stopped the folks over at Apple from thinking that people will want to watch movies on their iPhone. On the special features portion of the DVD of his latest film, Inland Empire, director David Lynch has spoken out on the prospect of having his films viewed on such a small screen-

You will never, in a trillion years, experience the film. You’ll think you have experienced it, but you’ll be cheated.

Of course, that soundbite was immediately appropriated for the below iPhone advertisment parody. (Note: Lynch drops an F-bomb, so you may want to plug in the headphones if you are at work.)

I really like it when someone I admire turns out to have the same opinion on something as I do.

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