Friel Gets LOST With Farrell

Anna Friel, the Zooey Deneschel look-a-like who charmed her way through this past fall’s Pushing Daises series as resurectee Chuck, has been cast in Universal’s upcoming Land Of The Lost big screen adaptation opposite Will Farrell.

Where the original 1970s Saturday morning live action series featured a father and his two children on a rafting expedition that took a decidedly wrong turn to a land populated by dinosaurs, the new version will feature a disgraced paleontologist, his assistant and a white water rapids tourguide being the ones transported to the titular land. Farrell will be playing the paleontologist while Friel will be playing his assistant.

Honestly, I have to say that I am only a little surprised that this movie is going forward. This certainly seems like yet another decision based on an executive’s feelings of nostaligia for their own childhood combined with the hope that other parents will want to shell out their hard earned money for a chance to foist a similar feeling on to their own children rather than any sound creative decision or desire for making this movie. Is there a director who has some grand new vision for the concept? I think not.

I await with dread for the inevitable adaptation of other Sid and Marty Kroft produced kiddie fare. A Bugaloos movie can not be too far behind.

Via Hollywood Reporter.

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