QUANTUM OF SOLACE Teaser Poster Revealed (For Real This Time)

A few weeks back, just days after the title was officially announced, we told you about an alleged teaser poster for the upcoming 22nd James Bond adventure Quantum Of Solace that was making the internet rounds. A cluttered and ugly mess of a poster, it was quickly denounced as a fake by virtually all.

Now we have the official teaser trailer for the movie, courtesy of the guys over at Moviephone. (Click to make bigger)

While it is, as expected, a marked improvement over the fake that circulated a few weeks back, it just isn’t grabbing me all that much. While I like the ominous shadow and the fact that Bond appears to have the same gun he was armed with in the last scene of Casino Royale, thus strengthening the ties between the two films in the public’s mind at an early stage, it seems to lack a certain something that I can’t quite define. Perhaps it will grow on me. I wasn’t that thrilled with the Quantum Of Solace title at first, but I’m slowly warming up to it.

Quantum Of Solace blasts Daniel Craig’s interpretation of Bond back on to the screen in November.

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