Another New Batch Of INDIANA JONES Photos

With our first official look at moving footage from the forth coming Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull less than 24 hours away with the premier of its teaser trailer on Good Morning America and then online, we have three new pictures as well as cover art for the comic book adaptation to tide you over until then.

The trio of photos comes from the website for the Italian magazine Espresso, which has a rather lengthy article on the upcoming film. Click on any of the pictures for a slightly larger version.

Unfortunately, my Italian only extends far enough to order competently in any Mulberry Street restaurant in Manhattan’s Little Italy, so if there is some one out there who would like to translate it for us, feel free.
The first is a fairly generic shot of Harrison Ford decked out in the traditional Indiana Jones adventure gear- leather jacket, fedora and whip – in what appears to be a foreign marketplace. Mexico, perhaps? But what is that in his left hand? A sheathed sword? A cane?.

The second features a confrontation between Indy and Cate Blanchette’s Soviet Agent Spalko. While I’m not thrilled with the composition and the stiffness of the poses, I will grant that that could be due to the fact that the photographer is not shooting from the same angle the movie camera is shooting from. Still, I like the colors in the sunset/sunrise in the background.

The third has Indy caught between a snake and a soft place, specifically, quicksand. And if you thought they weren’t going throw a snake into the movie somewhere to bedevil Dr. Jones, than you just weren’t thinking.

Finally, we have one of the covers to Dark Horse Comics two issue adaptation of the film. We have stuck it behind this link, as it has a fairly spoilerish image of the titular Crystal Skull.

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