Bond’s Big Baddie Revealed?

OK, this is perhaps one of the crazier rumors to make the rounds recently, and I’m not certain I believe it one bit.

As we have been told by the producers, the new James Bond film Quantum Of Solace, picks up where 2006’s Casino Royale ends- with Bond on the trail of terrorist orgnization behind the machinations that left the love of his life dead. We know that Daniel Craig’s Bond will cross swords with Mathieu Amalric’s villianious Dominic Greene.

But who is Greene’s boss?

An anonymous tipster over at AintItCoolNews alleges to have a friend who knows. I’ll let him speak for himself-

But the big news that he leaked was that Al Pacino would be taking part in filming. I was a little shocked as the cast has been revealed aready, but he said Pacino would play the head of the terrorist group introduced in Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace. Al is said to come to Pinewood in April-May to film what is said to be a brief cameo.

So, yeah… This is one of those “I got a friend who says…” types of stories.

To his credit, AICN’s Drew “Moriarty” McWeeny, the site’s voice of sanity and reason, admits to loving the thought of Pacino as a Bond villain, he’s not sure of the veracity of the report.

Myself? I think it is all hot air and hooey. While the Bond franchise has attracted its fair share of name actors for roles, this once smacks a little too much of stunt casting to me. My sense is that the producers like to cast some known names in the films for box office draw (like Michelle Yeoh’s appearance in 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies), but none that will overwhelm the name of James Bond.

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