Charlize Theron is planning on producing and starring in an American remake of Sympathy For Lady Vengeance, the third film in Korean director Chan-wook Park’s trilogy of films that examine the nature of revenge.

The news was casually dropped midway through a Boston Globe interview with the actress, who was promoting her current film, the indie drama Sleepwalking. No other information, such as if there is anyone working on a script, was forthcoming.

Park’s “Vengeance Trilogy” has certainly found itself fans here in the States for its brutal and bitter look at the effect that seeking revenge could have on someone. An Americanized remake of the strongest of the triptych, Oldboy, was announced back in August 2004, though with no new news since then, it appears as if the project has stalled out.

Aeon Flux notwithstanding, Theron has a good track record of picking smart projects for herself. Hopefully being in the producer’s chair will help keep this new version of Sympathy For Lady Vengeance from being watered down in much the same way many other Asian films remade by Hollywood studios have been.

Via CinemaBlend.

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