Superhero Picture-palooza: HELLBOY 2 and THE DARK KNIGHT But No IRON MAN

Loads of new photos have popped up for three of the summer’s most anticipated comic book adaptations.

Yahoo has premiered a host of new Hellboy 2 pictures. Some may look familiar as they are lifted from scenes in the film’s trailer, like the one on the left (click to enlarge), but there are still a few new shots in the bunch, including one or two that make me wonder if director Guillermo del Toro read a lot of H. P. Lovecraft in his youth. A new trailer for the film should debut on Yahoo tomorrow.

Some Iron Man photos also surfaced briefly yesterday, but Paramount’s legal squad clamped down pretty quickly on them. If you missed them, they consisted of a few action shots of the slugfest between Iron Man and Iron Monger and what looks like Iron Man rescuing a jet fighter pilot in midair. As is usually the case, you can probably find these out there somewhere if you look hard enough.

Meanwhile, four new photos from Warner Brothers’ Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight, have started making the rounds. As they all contain looks at Heath Ledger’s Joker and may a bit spoilerish, I advised that you scroll further down the page only at your own risk. If you do scroll down, click to enlarge.

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