UPDATED: New GI JOE Cast Photos: Storm Shadow, Baroness, Duke And More!

UPDATE: Well, it seems as if WWTDD might have jumped the gun in releasing those photos, as Paramount’s hired guns have sent out requests to take them down. The commentary on the photos remains though, as I am reasonably sure that Paramount Pictures does not own the copyright on my opinion.

Earlier this week, when the first picture of Scarlett from the upcoming adaptation of comic book/cartoon/toyline GI Joe showed up, I speculated that the production looks like it may be using generic black body armor for all the Joe Team members instead of their more distinctive, individual dress. It looks as if I’m right, if these new cast photos are any indication.

Below we see Channing Tatum as Duke and Marlon Wayans as Ripcord, the Joe Team’s two newest members in the film, and they’re sporting the same armor we’ve already seen on Scarlett and Snake Eyes. Randy Quaid as General Hawk and Karolina Korkova sport a slightly more comfortable look in standard issue fatigues. Rounding out the pictures is one of Byung-hun Lee as the ninja Storm Shadow and Sienna Miller as the villainous The Baroness.

My first impression is that this movie will make leather fetishists their happiest since the Matrix trilogy. My second impression is that these costumes are going to tick off loads of old school GI Joe fans.

The pictures turned up over at WWTDD, and if you head over there, you’ll find a lot more where these came from.

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