SGT. ROCK Close To Getting Director

If the box office returns on Iron Man aren’t enough to convince you, you’ll just have to take our word for it that comic book films are a hot ticket right now. (Just look at the number of stories we’ve run over the past several months.)

But not every comic book adaptation will feature a hero armed with fantastic powers or gadgets or clad in spandex or armor. One upcoming film will feature a group of heroes dressed in camouflage greens- Sgt. Rock.

Based on the DC Comics characters Sgt. Rock And Easy Company, who appeared in various DC war comics since their creation in 1959, producer Joel Silver is hoping to bring the World War Two-era characters to the big screen. It is a project that Silver has been developing for almost two decades, with both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis having been attached to it at various points. Now it appears as if he may have a director lined up for the film.

In an interview with AintItCool’s Moriarty that published this morning, Silver stated that he is close to getting British director Guy Ritchie to helm the film.

So, you know, this ROCKNROLLA movie I just did with Guy Ritchie is fantastic. It is raw, it is funny, it is dark, it is great. It is great. And I liked his first movie, LOCK STOCK, and I liked SNATCH, and I think it’s the best movie he’s ever made. I’ve always wanted to do a movie with him.

Silver didn’t elaborate further on the specifics of the film, presumably as they would be up to the vision that Ritchie, or whomever else who may eventually be brought onboard, may have for it. With the exception of a few stories, DC kept Sgt Rock and his crew isolated from their superhero line, even though there were superheroes active during World War Two in their universe’s fictional history. It should be interesting to see if Ritchie brings the highly stylized look of his British crime thrillers to this project or if opts to good with the look of a more traditional war film.

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