Manzarek Working On Doors Documentary

Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for the seminal 60s band The Doors, has announced that a documentary about the band is currently in the works and could be released in as little as six months from now.

“This is the anti-Oliver Stone,” Manzarek told The Hollywood Reporter, referring to Oliver Stone’s 1991 film. “This will be the true story of the Doors.” Manzarek also promised that the documentary would have plenty of rare footage of the band.

The documentary is in addition to another documentary already out on DVD called Classic Albums which features new interviews with Manzarek and his former band mates John Densmore and Robbie Krieger. Also featured are interviews with longtime Doors fans Perry Farrell of the groups Jane’s Addiction and Porno For Pyros and Henry Rollins.

Manzarek also revealed that he had several movie scripts in the works, some of which draw on his old band and its music for inspiration.

I’ve got four scripts. So what, who doesn’t have four scripts. I’ve got a film script based on ‘L.A. Woman,’ and another one in which three UCLA film school guys go to the desert to take peyote with the Native Americans at the Native American Church. And they run into the people from the Native American Church — the peyote church. And all the s*** that happens to them, you can imagine. Out in the desert, rednecks, psychic visions and reincarnation visions. Raymond White Eagle Daniels is the old wise man running the peyote ceremony. And that will of course never be made into a film, because it’s about peyote. It’s a journey into manhood.

This would not be the first time that Manzarek became involved in a script drawing inspiration from the Doors’ music. In 1999, Manzarek wrote, directed and gave himself a cameo role in the indie film Love Her Madly, which featured a Jim Morrison-like musician and which I found to be rather boring and self-involved. Here’s hoping these future projects are better.

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