Captain America’s shield making an appearance in Iron Man snuck by a lot of comic fans the first time they saw it (or the first two times they saw it in my case), but the rumored cameo by the good Captain in Friday’s The Incredible Hulk might sneak by audiences entirely–through no fault of their own.

In an interview with G4TV’s Attack of the Show, The Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier told ATOS‘s Kevin Pereira that the star-spangled Avenger would be making a physical cameo in his film.

Here is the embed of the actual interview. The comment from Leterrier occurs about 2/3’s of the way in:

The director seems fairly certain that Captain America is making a cameo in the actual film. But many who have seen the preview screenings of the film say that they saw no evidence of the character.

/Film has a complete run down of back and forth from various interviews with Leterrier on the issue, including one more emphatic confirmation before his presumably final word on the subject–the scene with the cameo was cut and will appear on the extra features for the film’s DVD release.

Of course, this final word didn’t stop the speculation amongst the fandom. I guess they believe that final denial from Leterrier was just a smoke screen to throw them off the trail. After all, what good is a surprise cameo if everyone is in on the surprise. And, don’t forget, the Nick Fury cameo in Iron Man was not attached to preview screenings either.

So, will Cap make and appearance or not? I guess we’ll have to find out this weekend. But here’s a hint: if Edward Norton all of a sudden turns up in the Arctic, keep your eyes out for a scene that resembles the one above.

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