AFI Names 10 Top 10.

This might not be news to anybody who stopped by their local CBS affiliate while flipping through the channels last night, but The American Film Institute has named the top ten films in ten different genres.

The genres selected were Animation (# 1: Snow White), Fantasy (#1: The Wizard of Oz), Sci-Fi (#1: 2001: A Space Odyssey), Westerns (#1: The Searchers), Courtroom (#1: To Kill A Mockingbird), Romantic Comedy (#1: City Lights), Gangster (#1: The Godfather), Sports (#1: Raging Bull), Mystery (#1: Vertigo), and Epic (#1: Lawrence of Arabia).

This format was a break from the usual, more cohesive Top 100 Lists the AFI usually presents. This means perennial AFI favorites like Citizen Kane and Casablanca were not on the list because they didn’t fit into any genre, but films such as Back To The Future and Scarface were able to get some screen time.

For a full list of all 100 films, click here. And if you want to discuss any mistakes the AFI made in terms of omissions or inclusions, come back here and discuss it in our comments section.

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