Tarantino’s INGLORIOUS BASTARDS To Be Two Part Film?

Quentin Tarantino is no stranger to long movies. Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown both clock in at just over two and a half hours each while his martial arts/revenge saga Kill Bill needed to be split into two films.

Now it looks like his next film, the World War II film Inglorious Bastards is going to be a two part epic as well.

The news comes from AintItCoolNews‘ founder Harry Knowles, who has seen a forty minute interview Tarantino has done with Enzo Castellari, director of the 1978 film Inglorious Bastards, from which Tarantino is using as a starting point for his own film. The interview is set to be included on the film’s DVD release on July 29.

Both films will share the same premise- a group of military criminals are being transported by plane to prison, when they are shot down by Nazi fighters. Surviving the crash, the criminals make their way to hoped for sanctuary in Switzerland, dodging both Allied and Axis troops.

Tarantino also stated that while in the past he often wrote dialogue for his characters based on who he wanted cast in the parts, he was writing this script with no specific actors in mind for the roles.

Last month, we told you about Tarantino’s boast at the Cannes Film Festival that he would be back with Inglorious Bastards for the 2009 fest. Completing a two-part film as complicated as Inglorious Bastards undoubtedly is in 11 months when not even a a frame of film has already been shot seems like a bit of wishful thinking at this point. However, it does look as if Tarantino is getting closer to actually getting close to starting work on this film. I think.

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