Just When You Thought It Was Safe: A DISASTER MOVIE Trailer

As you may already know, it has been the ongoing mission of FilmBuffOnline to serve and protect our faithful community of readers. Once again we come to your aid to steer you far, far away from the movies created by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the pair that dared give us such humorless time-and-money-wasters like Meet The Spartans, Epic Movie and Date Movie.

FilmBuff editor Rich Drees wasted no time to dutifully direct your eyes here. Also, in the last 48 hours fellow FilmBuff writer William Gatevackes clued you on another poster here.

Well, the cinematic criminal duo have tried to foil us again by unleashing a most sinister weapon; the movie trailer. But have no fear, we have corralled it and brought it to your attention. Watch at your own risk, PLEASE!

Hmm, you know, Garfield: The Movie doesn’t seem so bad now.

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