RZA To Direct IRON FIST (No, Not That One), Plus: Comic Movies Best Never Made

/Film has picked up a little titbit from an interview Wu-Tang Clan rapper RZA did with Billboard magazine where he announced that he will make his directorial debut.

The film, called The Man with the Iron Fist, is a kung-fu actioner being developed by the rap star and Hostel helmer Eli Roth. Quentin Tarantino has given his “blessing” to the project.

RZA has worked in movies both in front and behing the scenes. He has acted in small roles in Coffee and Cigarettes, Derailed, and American Gangster. He has also scored movies such as Blade II and Kill Bill I.

If I were Rza, I wouldn’t get to attached to that title. Marvel Comics owns the right to Iron Fist and has been developing a film adaptation of the character for years. Unless RZA’s project involves Danny Rand and stars Ray Park, there may be legal wrangling in RZA’s future if he keeps that title.

 Speaking of the Ray Park Iron Fist movie, that film has recently appeared on i09’s list of the five superhero movies columnist Graeme McMillan is glad were never made. It joins:

The Mark: A property Rob Liefeld was developing for Will Smith. The concept bore a striking resemblance to the Marvel comic book Star Brand.

Warcop: A movie Todd McFarlane and Grant Morrison were developing for Madonna

Green Lantern: This is the comedy version with Jack Black proposed a few years back.

Spider-Man: This would be the James Cameron version. Cameron was in line to direct Spider-Man in the 1990’s, but issue about the rights kept him from bringing it to the screen.

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