Life Imitating Art: Shark Spotted At JAWS Shooting Location.

The Associated Press is reporting that a great white shark was reportedly spotted around Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts yesterday. This island is where Steven Spielberg shot Jaws back in 1974.

We would like to stress that this is an unconfirmed report (lord, I sound like the mayor from the movie, don’t I? ). The waters were evacuated and the area searched by helicopters but no trace of the shark was found.

Could this be real? Well, the article states while great whites rarely prowl the waters of New England, it does happen occasionally. However, due to it being the exact location shooting happened and the spotting happening so soon after the July 4th weekend (the holiday during which Jaws takes place),  my cynical nature is claiming shenanigans. I think it’s possibly either a hoax or a quasi-paranoid delusion. But I’m staying out of the water anyway, just in case.  


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