THE SPIRIT Full Length Trailer Has Leaked

2nd Update: It looks like it is back now.

Update: Looks like the tariler got yanked. Expect it to show back up again soon in a more authorized release.

I really want The Spirit to be good, moreso than how I normally want every movie coming out to be good.

I have long admired Will Eisner’s groundbreaking comic, with a two-fisted¬†masked detective who finds himself involved in mysteries that relate strongly to the human condition,¬†though I have only read a small fraction of his complete run. Miller is a writer and artist who has clearly been influenced by Eisner’s work, as is evident from his own landmark Sin City series. Miller was able to bring Sin City‘s striking visual look to life when he collaborated with Robert Rodriguez on the film version. Now, Miller is making his solo directorial debut with The Spirit.

The trailer below, which has leaked out a week before it was due to be unveiled at the San Diego Comic Con, has some strong and interesting visuals. But, will the film be more style over substance, the first comic book adaptation as fever dream? I guess we’ll find out on Christmas Day, when Lionsgate will release this to theaters.

Via Trailer Addict.

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