IRON MAN Deleted Scene

One of the thing I love about viewing the deleted scenes is the glimpse one can get into the production process of a film. Why was the scene cut? Was it an issue of it affecting the film’s overall pace? Was there a question about a performance? Sometimes it is a matter of an entire plotline not working as intended and needing to be removed.

When Iron Man gets released on DVD and Blu-Ray at the end of next month, it will contain a number of deleted scenes in its special features. We have, courtesy of Access Hollywood, a preview of one of those scenes.

Here, although the scene does impart some information, specifically how Tony Stark gets himself to the Middle East for Iron Man’s first public appearance, it is not essential to the plot and so was probably cut due to pacing issues. The scene itself isn’t finished. There’s a green screen glimpsed in the background of the shot and the party sequence has no music or background sound effects laid in. 


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