Whatever Happened To Whit Stillman?

whitstillmanIf you were like me, you saw Metropolitan in the 1990s and fell in love. I couldn’t be further removed from the Manhattan debutante society Whit Stillman set the comedy in, but the characters he wrote and the situations they dealt with really spoke to me.

After seeing Metropolitan, I thought I was witnessing the birth of creator who would driving force in American cinema. Stillman’s follow-ups, Barcelona and The Last Days of Disco, seemed to confirm that. But then, Whit Stillman all but disappeared from the cinematic radar.

To celebrate Metropolitan joining the free offerings from Hulu (Yes, you can see the movie, all of it, for free, here), Stillman was interviewed by IFC.com. Click the link to find out where Stillman has been all these years, what projects he currently has in the works, and when–or if–The Last Days of Disco will ever be re-released on DVD.

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