McKidd In Line To Be Next HIGHLANDER?

highlanderWhile a fan of the original Highlander move, starring Christopher Lambert as one of a group of immortal beings who take sport in lopping one another’s heads off with swords, I can’t say that I’ve been a fan of the ensuing franchise. Even setting aside the fact that the first sequel is virtually universally despised, the other films in the series all seem like rehashes of the original. The television series, featuring Adrian Paul as a relative of Lambert’s character, was entertaining, I suppose, but it never seemed to quite catch the spark of magic that the original film had. It does deserve some recognition for expanding the franchise’s fictional world in for the most part interesting ways.

Back in May, we told/warned you about a remake/reboot of the franchise. And now, via JoBlo, there’s word of who may slide into Lambert’s kilt for the new film. According to their source, Rome and Journeyman star Kevin McKidd was on a Dublin radio show earlier this week and let slip that he has been approached by the remake’s production company to star in the film. No other details were given.

McKidd seems like a pretty good choice, if you’re going to go ahead with a remake of the original film. he’s a good enough actor and as a real Scot, he doesn’t have to fake the accent. Of course, my question here remains, why remake the film at all? Hopefully, the script from Iron Man scribes Art Marcum and Matt Holloway will give us an exciting answer.

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