If you didn’t get enough of The Incredible Hulk this summer as he smashed his way through theaters, you can now have him smashing through your own living room on October 12, when the Marvel Comics superhero adaptation hits DVD and Blu-Ray retailers’ shelves.

Universal has put together a pretty good package for both formats, though Blu-Ray owners will get a few extras that won’t be available on the standard DVD release.

Both editions will have an unspecified number of deleted scenes, chief among them, the film’s alternate opening. You may recall that this opening was set in the arctic where a despondent Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) was set to commit suicide rather than allow his alter-ego the Hulk to continue to rampage. Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier stated that in this scene, we would have seen another of the easter eggs that are being scattered through Marvel’s films to help set up an eventual Avengers team film. Additionally, there will be five behind-the-scenes featurettes and an audio commentary track from Leterrier. Each version will also come with a digital copy of the film that can ripped to use on a PC, Mac or iPod.

The Blu-Ray release has several additional features accessed through U Control, which allow the viewer access to additional information without interrupting the film itself and BD-Live features including chat and video clip sharing.

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