Some production art for the upcoming Terminator: Salvation from production designers Martin Laing and Victor Martinez have shown up online. The pieces, all in the gallery below, showcase a number of various terminator models like the standard T-800 (which Schwartzenegger played in the previous films) and hunter-killers that we’ve seen before, as well as new terminators in the form of giant robots, snake-like “hydrobots” and a gun laden motorcycle terminator.

The pictures come via Film School Rejects, who have done the due diligence on their authenticity.

I’ve stated before how I think any continuation of the Terminator franchise after the first two movies is superfluous. Anything else just kind of defeats what the first two movies had to say thematically. Despite this, and the fact that McG is directing, the prospects for this film have sounded fairly promising so far based on the cast involved.

But really, motorcycles? When have modified motorcycles worked in a science-fiction project? Galactica 1980? That old TV movie version of Captain America? The one Barry Bostwick rode in MegaForce? The computerized motorcycle from Warriors Of The Wasteland?

Please. A terminator motorcycle just sounds like someone feels they are in competition with Transformers. And the last time somebody decided to compete with the Transformers, we wound up with the Go-Bots.

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