Paris Hilton in A Todd Solondz Picture?!!?

Well, here are two people whom I never imagined would show up in the same sentence.

Edgy director Todd Solondz has cast the famous-for-no-particularly-good-reason Paris Hilton in his upcoming, Life During Wartime. Hilton will be joining Allison Janney, Charlotte Rampling, Michael Lerner and Paul Reubens.

Solondz is known for his frighteningly edgy dramas that explore the darkest areas of the human psyche like Happiness and Palindromes. Hilton is known for appearing in frighteningly bad movies like House Of Wax and The Hottie And The Nottie. (To be fair, she has received some positive notices for her role in the just released Repo: The Genetic Opera, but I’m reserving judgment until I see the film.)

According to news reports, the film will be a “part sequel, part variation” on Solondz’s Happiness and is allegedly set against the backdrop of a war. Back in January, we reported an interview with Reubens where he stated that characters from Solondz’s Welcome To The Dollhouse and Happiness would meet up.

But how does Hilton fit into this? Is Solondz looking to somehow use the audience’s perception of the celebrity to some effect in the film or does he see some germ of talent within her he hopes to develop? It should be interesting to find out.

Via Reuters.

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Bryon Cassidy
Bryon Cassidy
August 17, 2010 3:53 pm

Paris Hilton is really nice i love her