Howard Stern: Marvel Superhero!?

Howard Stern starring in a Marvel Comics superhero movie?

It almost happened according to a revelation the talk show host stated this morning on his Sirius-XM Satellite Radio program. Stern was chatting with a caller who had asked if there was ever a chance that he would ever considering resurrecting his comedy superhero film project The Adventures Of Fartman. (See our review of the hilarious script written for the project here.) Stern stated that he would like to get around to someday before disclosing that he came close to making another superhero movie.

I met with these guys from Marvel a few years ago and they had an idea for a superhero movie for me, but it was a serious superhero movie. I liked that better. There were some funny aspects to it because my parents were involved, my real parents. It was funny.

I would have done that movie. I don’t know what happened. We just kind of burned out. They went off on another project, some stupid thing like Iron Man, and we never got around to it.

Unfortunately, Stern did not specify which character he had been approached with. While I am more a reader of DC Comics’ output than I am of Marvel’s, I think I am fairly conversant with Marvel’s characters, but after wracking my brains for the past couple of hours I can not think of any superhero character that Howard Stern would be a good fit for.

Outside of Spider-Man, I can’t even think of a character whose parents or parental-type figures are an active part of their story. Thor? While I think seeing Stern’s father Ben (“Shut up! Sit down!”) as Odin would be a rather interesting and funny way to go, I just don’t see Howard himself as the God of Thunder. Unless it was butt thunder, that is.

Every now and then you hear about some interesting ideas for movie casting that never panned out for one reason or another. This is one of those stories with just enough details to be maddeningly tantalizing. Hopefully, more information as to what this project might have been will come to light.

Previously, Stern had been rumored to be in consideration for the part of the villainous Scarecrow in a projected fifth Batman movie back in the 1990s, though Stern always denied that he had been approached by anyone involved.

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