First Look At New TREK’s Classic Spock

A little less than two weeks ago, we got our first good look at director J. J. Abrams’ reinvented Star Trek universe in motion and most fans found it good. But there was one thing that was lacking from the trailer for the upcoming film that most folks were probably anxious to see- Leonard Nimoy’s return to the role that made him an icon, the half-human, half-alien science officer Spock. Well, AintItCoool has been given a slightly revised version of the Star Trek trailer and one of the main revisinos corrects the lack of Nimoy that we saw before. Check it out below.

Nimoy hasn’t been seen in a big screen Trek adventure since 1991’s The Voyage Home. I haven’t given much of a tinker’s damn about the ongoing Trek franchise for many years. But I have to admit that seeing Nimoy back on screen, giving the Vulcan hand greeting and uttering his character’s most famous lines warms the grinchy heart of this former fan.

Star Trek hits theaters next May.

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