Teaser Poster: LAND OF THE LOST

landofthelostteaserIt’s the holiday time so that can only mean one thing- It’s time for studios to start pimping out next summer’s big releases!

Today, courtesy of the folks over at Cinematical, we have a lool at the teaser poster for the big screen adaptation of the 1970s Saturday morning kiddie adventure series Land Of The Lost. With Will Ferrell and Danny McBride in the cast, you know that this is going to be a comedic take on the material. (And having read the script, I can confirm that it is.)

That’s a bit unfortunate, as even though the original series was produced on a budget that wouldn’t have covered the catering bill for this new version, it played its premise straightforward. If it isn’t an animated film, younger kids are woefully under-serviced at theaters. I think that this could have been a big hit if done as a straightforward adventure film rather than a swarmy, self-referential comedy. As it is, I’m rooting for the dinosaur in the poster.

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December 29, 2008 3:44 pm

Typical Will Ferrel movie poster: and that means we never accept Will Ferrel has anything other than Will Ferrel in whatever costume or ridiculous pose with a stupid look on his face doing whatever it is he is supposed to be doing. Which, if you’re a fan–fine; if you’re not—like me, then it leaves you with about as much desire to see the film as having Will Smith be the next James Bond. To be candid, I was NEVER a fan of the series and am old enough to remember it being on. I was on the fence about it… Read more »