Whoops! T4 Toys Leak Spoiler

While tie-in merchandising can bring in a lot of extra income to a studio, it also has the potential to spoil a film if the merchandise is released too early. A case in point is a friend of mine who was staying absolutely spoiler-free for the Star Wars prequel. Unfortunately, a week before The Phantom Menace came out, he was in a record store, picked up a copy of the soundtrack CD to buy and saw on the back the track titled “The High Council Meeting and Qui-Gon’s Funeral.”

It looks as if Playmates, the makers of line of action figures tying in to this summers Terminator: Salvation have let slip as big a secret. Three photos have turned up over at SlashFilm, two of which let out a surprise that might be better left discovered in the movie itself. Of course, if you want to know, I’ve placed the photos after the jump…

As you can see, the figure of Sam Worthington’s character, Marcus Wainwright, is not quite what he initially appears to be.

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