Willis And Shepherd Keen On MOONLIGHTING Reunion Flick?!

moonlighting1This could be the best news for anyone who ever watched television during the 1980s.

Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd are both reportedly keenly interested in getting back together for a reunion movie based on their classic television series Moonlighting.

I’m really trying to temper my enthusiasm for this story due to the fact that it originated with longtime yenta columnist Liz Smith over at Variety so take it with as large a grain of salt as you deem necessary. Smith quotes one of those “insiders” as saying-

Bruce is ready to give it a go. He still holds a lot of fondness for the show. As for Cybill, she has never denied the occasional strife of “Moonlighting” (If you recall she became pregnant with twins during the run, a further burden on everybody’s nerves) but always had a healthy respect for Bruce’s talent, charisma and the quality of the series itself.

The show not only made headlines for the unexpected hit it became soon after it premiered in March 1985 (on my birthday), but for the rumored behind-the-scenes tensions and feuding that often delayed new episodes from making it on the air. But when they did air, they made for some of the best television at the time. Firmly rooted in the tradition of 1930s screwball comedy, Willis and Shepherd starred as two bickering private detectives who had the knack of finding themselves in the strangest of cases. Breaking the fourth wall, crazy dream sequences and outrageous slapstick comedy were par for the course on the show.And then there was the sexual tension between Willis and Shepherd. I could spend paragraphs and paragraphs waxing enthusiastic about the show. Suffice it to say, if you haven’t seen it, go rent it on DVD now, and find out why this was the show that made Willis an overnight sensation.

Whatever tensions may have existed at the time of production certainly have seen to have vanished over the years. When the series began to be released on DVD a few years back, Willis, Shepherd and series creator Glen Gordon Caron appeared together and in various combinations on some of the episode’s commentary tracks and everyone seemed far more focused on the good times they shared as opposed to resurrecting old animosities.

Now no deal has been struck. Caron has not made any statements that he is even shopping the idea around. Right now, it all lies in the realm of “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to…” Still, my fingers are crossed that we may get to see one more madcap case of the files of the Blue Moon Detective Agency. Perhaps they’ll finally solve “The Anselmo¬† Case.”

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