GREEN HORNET Getting New Lease On Life?

Green Hornet LogoIt seems that this past weekend’s report of the demise of The Green Hornet film may have been a bit premature.

HitFix’s Drew McWeeny, who broke the story that the adaptation of the popular 1930s and ’40s radio hero was in serious trouble at studio Sony Pictures, has followed up in his reportage with an email from the film’s co-writer and star Seth Rogen, who states that pre-production was still active for the film.

The Green Hornet has many people working for it, including production designers, costume designers and many conceptual artists, office staff, etc. . . .[The studio heads] have every intention on making it, and assuming we’re able to hire a new director in the upcoming weeks, which seems like a distinct possibility, it should still hit the release date.

Well, yes, it is obviously in Rogen’s best interest to talk the project up as being right on track, so take the news with an appropriate sized grain of salt.

I have to say, as a fan of the original radio series, I’m not that intrigued yet by the prospect of the Green Hornet coming to the big screen in this configuration. Seth Rogen is likable enough and even though he has been working out and is noticeably trimmer in recent interviews,  he still doesn’t quite fit my image of the character. There has also been some back and forth as to whether the film will have comedic elements in it or not. Making the film a comedy would not be doing the characters any justice. If this does go forward, I hope that there will be some news that engages my enthusiasm.

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