Diesel Still Hoping For RIDDICK Sequel

I'll be back... maybe.One thing that really annoyed me about the 2004 science-fiction/action film The Chronicles Of Riddick, was how much of the film seemed more concerned with setting up future sequels than it was with telling its own story. And given the film’s under-performance at the box office, it certainly seemed unlikely that the makers of the series were going to get their chance to tell those planned stories.

However, the franchise has managed to stay alive through a direct-to-DVD animated feature, released simultaneously as Chronicles, and a few video games. The latest of those games, Assault On Dark Athena, is scheduled for release soon and while doing the PR rounds, Riddick star Vin Diesel commented on the possibility of a new big screen Riddick adventure-

Maybe we’re too tight-lipped about the next Chronicles of Riddick film, and I think circa the release of [Dark Athena] that’s probably when you’ll start hearing more about the next Riddick film. It is underway… David Twohy is finishing up the next script.

The scuttlebutt is that a new Riddick film would probably be a more low-key affair (Translation- lower budget), similar to Pitch Black (2000), the movie that introduced Diesel’s mercenary character to movie audiences. Diesel has been promising a new movie for many years now, and it is kind of hard to believe him when he says that there will be some concrete news about it soon. Besides, after all this time are audiences outside of the films’ cult following really clamoring for a new installment?

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