Not too fat for the big screen...
Not too fat for the big screen...

Howard Stern may not be the only member of his popular Sirius XM satellite radio show cast to get a movie based on his life.

Comic sideman Artie Lange stated on this morning’s show that he has “several very nice offers from major movie people” for the film rights to his recent bestselling autobiography Too Fat To Fish.

The revelation came during a phone interview with movie Richard Roper, who reviewed Lange’s 200- independent comedy Beer League as “a better movie than Spider-Man 3.”

Although it would be way too early to even begin thinking about casting the film if it were to eventually go before the cameras, that didn’t stop the crew from some wild speculation. While Lange would be the obvious choice and has plenty of film experience to play himself, he sounded like it really wasn’t a priority to him.

“I’m in an interesting dilemma,” Lange admitted. “I’m thinking about taking a boat load of money and just saying, ‘Fuck it, do whatever you want. I could care less.’ … “For the right price, I would gladly go on Letterman and say ‘See Jack Black as me in this film!'”

Lange’s book is a funny, and oft times bittersweet, look at his life growing up in New Jersey. It is painfully honest about his feelings over the accident that left his father paralyzed and about his long battle with drug addiction. There’s plenty of material there for more than one movie in the book. Hopefully, this can make it past the negotiations stage and all the way through to cinema screens.

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