ryan_reynolds_deadpool_x_men_origins_wolverineX-Men Origins: Wolverine hasn’t even been in theaters a week, but already they are talking about spin-offs and sequels.

Variety is reporting that Fox has begun development in a Deadpool movie as a star vehicle for Ryan Reynolds.

The article makes it seem like the project just sprung up just this week, but the project has been in the pipeline with Reynolds in the lead for years.

Reynolds starred as Wade Wilson, Deadpool’s alter ego, in first half of  Wolverine, putting on a pitch perfect reading as the character from the comic. However, when they character returned during the final act, another actor portrayed the retooled Deadpool (IMDB lists the actor as Scott Adkins).

While Reynolds’ performance  as Wilson was arguably the best part of the film, the actual appearance of Deadpool in the finale was anti-climatic. The character was a hideously scarred mute with little personality. You get the impression that the producers thought fans would be blown away by the character’s power set and not mind that he was dull as a piece of wood. If they do make the spin-off, hopefully they will plug Reynolds into the super-hero role and  build the character up to fit Reynold’s personality.

The above article also mentions that planning has begun on another Wolverine sequel. The plot is rumored to take place in Japan, which sounds like it will follow, at least in part, the Chris Claremont/Frank Miller series we spoke about here.

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