McBride Enters Comic Film Realm With HENCH

dnny-mcbride-henchDanny McBride might not be the first person you would think of as starring in a comic book film, but star in one he will. Yesterday, Variety reported that Warner Brothers has acquired AIT/PlanetLar’s Hench as a star vehicle for McBride, a¬†fact confirmed by the comic’s co-creator Adam Beechen on his Facebook page.

Hench is one of the most unique concepts to come out of comics in the past few years. Created by Beechen and artist Manny Bello, the graphic novel presented its story from the viewpoint of one of the nameless henchmen who populate comic books. It followed a former football player named Mike who suffered an permanent injury that took him out of the game. Since he had no other skills outside of football, he took the only job that became available to him–a professional henchman.

McBride is set to star in the film and plans to write the movie with frequent collaborator Shawn Harwell using the graphic novel as a “template.” While the comic had comedic elements, it wasn’t the flat-out comedy McBride is known for. We should probably expect some changes from page to screen.

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