MARS Finds Its John Carter, Princess

johncartercastkitschcollinsLots of news breaking on director Andrew Stanton’s in development adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs pulp classic John Carter Of Mars feature as the week ends. No sooner to we learn that cameras are set to begin rolling on the film this November in Utah, than we learn who will be playing the titular hero and the Martian princess he sets out to save.

Taylor Kitsch, seen earlier this summer as the mutant hero Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, has been cast as Burrough’s Civil War vet hero who is magically transported to a lush, jungle-like Mars where he routinely battles 12-foot tall, multi-armed barbarians. Along the way, he rescues and falls for Dejah Thoris, princess of Mars’s Helium kingdom. Filling out the Dejah’s skimpy outfits will be Kitsch’s Wolverine castmate Lynn Collins.

Stanton, who is making the transition from directing animation at Pixar to live-action for parent company Disney with this film, is hoping that he film will be the start of a trilogy of John Carter adventures.

Via The Hollywood Reporter.

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