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Somewhere between the extremes of telling your friends how great your Bloomin’ Onion at Outback is and helping dissidents organize protests in Iran, lies a middle ground on Twitter where you can find filmmakers giving updates on their latest projects.

Today, let’s take a look at a newcomer to Twitter, writer/director Jason Reitman. Thankfully, his first tweet from last Sunday turned out to be wrong and he has been dropping hints on how work on getting his latest film, Up In The Air, into shape. Most interesting, are the two tweets from today, when Reitman showed the work in project to his father, some guy named Ivan Reitman.

  • This is the first and perhaps only tweet I will ever write. I’m three weeks into editing. I’ll try to be as forthright as possible.12:00 PM Jun 7th
  • Week four of editing begins today. I’m two scenes and three montages away from a first cut. Current running time: 2 hours 4 minutes.9:40 AM Jun 8th
  • Just got a sample of my new opening titles from Shadowplay, who did Juno and Smoking… These guys are awesome in a bottle.1:41 PM Jun 9th
  • Everyone in my office is annoyed because we’re cutting a crying scene, so it’s just constant wailing coming from the editing room.1:41 PM Jun 10th
  • Watched the film last night. 2nd act is really working. Lots of little trims to make. Cutting a couple scenes. Will be under 2 hrs by Mon.1:06 PM Jun 11th
  • Today’s experiment: Open the movie with scene 2. Follow it with scene 3. Go to opening titles. Then show scene 1.11:33 AM Jun 12th
  • tried it – RT @EthanRunt Start with scene 54, then 23, 1, 67, 29, end credits, 78, 15, 32, 23 again then opening titles, then studio logos?12:40 PM Jun 12th
  • Reorder of scenes worked like a charm. Thank you all for your confidence, except @RockRollGhost @TryTheWine @PaperHeartMovie who doubted me.4:38 PM Jun 12th
  • Moved the monorail scene later and it’s working like a charm. Yes, I’m editing on Saturdays.4:35 PM Jun 13th
  • About to take part in one of the hallmarks of good editing… At the Grove seeing a trashy movie to boost my confidence.8:52 PM Jun 13th
  • Running Time: 1 hour 59 minutes 34 seconds. Auditioning a few songs against picture right now.about 23 hours ago
  • About to show a rough cut to my dad. Remember what it was like to show your homework to your folks…? Imagine a feature film.about 7 hours ago
  • I love making my dad cry. Back in the editing room and cutting up a storm. Prob going to cut another five minutes this week.about 1 hour ago

The rest of us will get a look at the film, and perhaps a chance to cry, when it opens later this year.

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