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transformers2posterTransformers:Revenge of the Fallen (Paramount, 4,000 Theaters, 150 Minutes, Rated PG-13): When the first Transformers film came out, I wasn’t very optimistic about it. Not that I was a fan who thought the filmmakers were going to screw up. I was more of a G.I. Joe fan as a kid, as the Transformer toys were a little out of my price range.

But a big budget film directed by Michael Bay starring the relatively unknown Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox, with a bunch of talking robots who can change into cars? Seems like a recipe for disaster, no matter how good the trailers looked.

But, to my surprise, I found the film enjoyable. Definitely a popcorn flick, and a little by the numbers, but a good time. So, not that I’d ever think I’d be saying this, but I am really looking forward to this sequel, which has more robots but almost all the original cast back.

Now, if only the “low expectations, high reward” maxim will apply to August’s G.I.Joe film. Oh, god, I hope it will.

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