Kevin Smith Tweet-A-Thon Highlights: Part 1

KSmithTweetHeader1While most of us are spending Labor Day soaking up the last moments of the summer and attending a cookout or three, director Kevin Smith has seen fit to use the day as a way of taking a little bit of time off from the post-production of his next flick, A Couple Of Dicks, and spend 24 hours answering fans questions submitted to him via twitter. We’re about a third of the way through things now,and Smith has answered many questions about A Couple Of Dicks, his work plans for after Dicks including the hockey movie Hit Somebody and the horror film Red State, his past films and comics work and some other, far sillier, topics. Here are some of the highlights of what has been said so far, broken into categories-

A Couple Of Dicks

  • “how much editing is done on DICKS?” In anticipation of today I worked all weekend. It’s now down to 2hrs even. Need 10 more.
  • “If not A COUPLE OF DICKS what will you title the movie?” I didn’t title it the first time. That’s up to WB/Platt/Cullens.
  • “Did you enjoy directing or acting with Bruce W more?” Way less responsibility just being an actor, but I’d say directing.

After Dicks

  • “Whats the plan after DICKS?” I think it’s time to HIT SOMEBODY.
  • “after Dicks, will u direct some1 elses script again, or go back to directing ur own?” Bi-curious. Might go bi-directual.

Hit Somebody

  • “would love to work on HIT SOMEBODY even as an intern. how would I go about sending an app?” Start with Michigan Film.
  • “Finished writing HIT SOMEBODY or is it a work in progress?” Haven’t started in earnest yet. Ton o’notes and last scene only

Red State

  • “What are the chances of Red State seeing the light of day” Looking better lately…


  • “Mos: do you think you’ll ever co-direct/write together” Tried to get him to codirect CLERKS. Talked RANGER DANGER, too


  • “The third nipple in RATS: what did you make it out of? A fruit roll up?” It was, indeed, a fruit roll up.
  • “why wasn’t another RATS movie made??” At the time, most people seemed mad enough that one was made, let alone another.
  • “Are we going to get a Mallrats bluray?” That’s a Universal question, but I imagine. I don’t control my video rights.


  • “Will there ever be a Dogma Extended Edition, with the Hell scene?” Was working on it with Sony, but I got distracted by ZACK.
  • “If one thing you could change about any of your movies besides ticket sales, what?” I’d make such a better DOGMA now.

Jersey Girl

  • “Long cut of JG: why’s studio not releasing it?” Still toxic, apparently. “Bennifer” fallout has half-life of thirty years.

Clerks II

  • “Emma got kind of a raw deal in C2. Clinginess aside, she loved Dante and got shit on. Elaborate?” Omelettes and eggs?
  • “Of the movies you’ve made, what was the most enjoyable for you” As established last week to much chagrin, CLERKS II.
  • “why did you choose the jackson 5 song for clerks 2?” Love that song. If you’re gonna go song-n-dance gay, what better way?
  • “Kaitlyn? Veronica? Thought they’d get a mention in C2” Thought about it, but opted against. Maybe in a comic one day.
  • “one of your characters you would choose to be stuck on a desert island with?” Emma. If she’d fuck Dante, she’d fuck me.

Zack & Miri Make A Porno

  • “how you feel about walmart cutting out make a porno from zack & miri?” Bummer, but it didn’t change the flick at all.

Clerks: The Animated Series

  • Any chance of Clerks:Animated Series making a Family Guy style come back?” Ain’t heard nobody clamoring for it so far…

Filmmaking In General

  • “If someone forced you at gunpoint to remake someone else’s film, what film would you remake?” ARTHUR. Or 2 GIRLS 1 CUP.
  • “How much money do you think your projects have lost to piracy?” See, I think “How many more converts did I get from piracy?”
  • “Any regrets in choices in casting any of your movies?” Sure. And I’ll bet some of the cast has had director regrets with me.
  • “most painful thing you’ve cut from a film to please the MPAA?” Never hadda. 3 times I flipped a rating without a single cut.
  • “You prefer to hire actors known to you or search out fresh faces?” Don’t care how fresh a face is; I’m all about delivery.
  • “Ever think of doing direct to DVD given your success in that market? Or too much stigma attached?” It’s a strange……stigma, considering homevideo is, largely, how movies are seen. But all that work and no theatrical? Wouldn’t feel right


  • How much of your original movie script will be in “green hornet” comic?” All of it. It’s the script for the comic, too.
  • “Archie chose Veronica. Good call?” Typical: she’s from money. He’ll just slum it with Betty behind his rich wife’s back.
  • “Ur a huge DD fan. Fave story-arch?” Aside from (sell!) I loved the runs by Miller and.. (2/2) Bendis. Ann Nocenti did weird, sexy things to DD, too. But hands-down fave ish is BORN AGAIN chapter where Matt saves Karen. So good.
  • “Do you think storyboarding is a legit career for a frustrated comic artist?” In some cases, more profitable, too.

More highlights as the day goes on…

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