Diablo Cody Enrolls At SWEET VALLEY HIGH

codydiabloScripter Diablo Cody will be adapting the long-running Sweet Valley High ‘tween book series for Universal. The studio is currently in negotiations to for the rights to the books, with Cody already attached to the project to write and produce.

“Diablo Cody” and “Sweet Valley High.”

Now there’s two names I never thought I’ld would be putting into the same sentance.

So far in her career, Cody is best known for writing about pregnant teens , teens possessed by murderous demons and housewives with multiple personality disorder, subjects I feel reasonably safe in assuming that the Sweet Valley High books never touched. Then again, a quick purusal of the Wikipedia entry for the series shows that the twin girl stars of the book have gone through a series of unbelievable adventures including battling vampires and werewolves, been romantically involved with numerous European royalty, attending a school wich seemed to have an excessive number of proms per school year and never getting a zit, so who know?

The Hollywood Reporter states that “Cody’s formative years were informed by the books,” so I can understand the allure of the project for her. I will leave it to those more familiar with the series to draw a parrallel between the book series’s twin leads and the dynamic between the Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer’s Body.

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