Is Simon Pegg Too Old To Play Himself?

SimonPeggIf you’ve ever flipped through the comic book The Boys, you probably noticed that one of the characters, Wee Hughie, looks alot like British comic actor Simon Pegg. That’s because the series’ creators Garth Ennis and Darrick Robinson have purposely (and with permission) modeled the character on the actor. And now with talk of a possible Boys film, everyone is just assuming that Pegg will be getting the part.

Everyone but Pegg that is.

In a recent twitter post, Pegg stated-

The Boys rocks. Think I’m a little old to play Hughie though. There has been talk of a movie for some time. Would be fun.

Well, I disagree with Pegg. The book, which tells the story of a CIA-sponsored group tasked with policing the world’s superheroes, has only been published since 2006, so it’s not like the character design has been frozen while Pegg has been aging unnaturally fast or anything. He has certainly demonstrated his ability to do a convincing Scottish accent in Star Trek, so that can’t be a concern.

Pegg currently has the John Landis dark comedy Burke And Hare as the next film on his schedule, with a Star Trek sequel lurking unscheduled in the future. The only other project waiting in the wings right now for the actor is The World’s End, which will see him working with frequent co-star Nick Frost and Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright. The film version of The Boys is still being developed, so any maybe Pegg is saying that he’ll be too old to play Hughie if they don’t start shaking a leg.

Via Bleeding Cool.

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