Here’s Seth Rogen’s GREEN HORNET Costume

GreenHornetCostumeOK, so it is not Seth Rogen actually in costume as the titular Green Hornet, but it is a look at his stunt man in the outfit. The screengrab comes from  Splash News Online‘s video footage of the filming of some stunt sequences for the upcoming film. The stunt sequences involve blowing up stuff and dropping a bulldozer on to a car.

And I have to say, the looks good to me. The green vest, mask and fedora are all solid, old school Hornet, much like the pictures we saw of the Hornet’s assistant Kato and his car the Black Beuaty back at the beginning of September. At least the look of the film will be true to the 1960s television series based on the radio show from the 1930s and `40s.

Though a fan of the Green Hornet radio series, I was not too enthused when it was announced that Seth Rogen was going to star in this film adaptation. But with every bit of news that leaks out about the film, my wariness of the project is lessened. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen pictures of the main costumes for the heroes that look good, had Christoph Waltz announced as the film’s villain and we know that Edward James Olmos is playing a newspaper reporter (the radio show’s Mike Axford) out to unmask the Green Hornet, not knowing that he is his boss, publisher Britt Reid.

The Green Hornet is scheduled for release in December 2010.

Via Cinematical.

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