New Releases: October 9

CouplesRetreatPoster1. Couples Retreat (Universal, 3,000 Theaters, 107 Minutes, Rated PG-13): I’ll just say this, a week with only one movie is like a vacation. I have no idea what I am going to do with all this free time.

Swingers was on TV the other day and I was struck by how young Vince Vaughn looked. Not that’s he’s old by any means (he’s only a year older than me) but in that film he was a baby.

But I digress. Vaughn has carved out a good niche for himself since then. He plays a bunch of cool, sarcastic characters who are just a bit smarter than most people in the room. They are occasionally prone to panic, but there is always a sense of control in their flailing.

Every good Vaughn character is some variation on this theme. And while Will Ferrell’s self-centered, man-child doofus can grow tiresome after a while or doesn’t fit every film it appears in, it always seems to work with the Vaughn stock character. For me at least.

This film is custom made for Vaughn’s character type to shine. He plays a man who goes to a island paradise to undergo couples therapy with his significant other.  He finds a number of the therapy sessions irksome, Hilarity ensues.

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