Blake Lively Joins GREEN LANTERN Cast

The announcement that the Green Lantern movie was officially green lit (no pun intended) reassured fans of the character that a film version would soon be on its way. However, a recent casting announcement might have them worried just a bit.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog is reporting Blake Lively, known for her work in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and the TV show Gossip Girl, has joined the cast as Carol Ferris. Ferris is the woman who runs Ferris Aircraft, the company where the Green Lantern’s alter ego Hal Jordan works, and is a love interest for Jordan, who will be played by Ryan Reynolds.

The anal comic fan will be quick to point out that the comic character is a brunette and Lively, as you can see here, is a blond. A package of Clairol could fix that right up. But another issue that has been raised is about her age.

Lively is only 23, almost a full 10 years younger than Reynolds.  But the female lead being younger than the male lead is a Hollywood standard. But how many 23-year olds do you know running a military aircraft design and construction company?

It is unknown if Lively has signed on for any sequels, because her character in the comic books would later become the Green Lantern villain known as Star Sapphire, which would be a natural for inclusion if the franchise continues.

The casting department will now be turning their eyes to filling the roles of Hector Hammond, the film’s villain, and Sinestro, Hal’s trainer in this film, but as comic fans know, eventually becomes his greatest enemy.

Green Lantern is scheduled to be released on June 17, 2011. You can read a review of the original script here, although the Hollywood Reporter informs us that it is currently undergoing a series of rewrites.

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