First Official Look At Bridges In TRON: LEGACY

If you don’t understand how incredibly awesome it is that they are currently working in a sequel to 1982’s TRON, than I must only conclude that there is no joy in your life. You have my pity.

Upon its release, TRON was a revelation and a herald of many thing to come. It was the first feature length film to use computer generated imagery, paving the way for film’s like The Last Starfighter (1984), Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) and other films that helped progress the CGI revolution. Plus, it managed to capture the public’s sense of wonder over the emerging worlds of computers and home video games with its story of a computer hacker (Jeff Bridges) sucked in to a computer network and forced to fight for his life against video game warriors.

Disney has released the first still from the upcoming sequel TRON: Legacy, and it shows Bridges back inside the cyberscape of the computer network. Interestingly, while he has the same type of disc that he had in the first film on his back, he doesn’t seem to have the whole glowy-circuit look that all the characters sported in 1982. Is this a change in the movie’s design or a plot point? We’ll find out on December 17 when it hits theaters.

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