Bill Murray Dishes GHOSTBUSTERS 3 (Spoilers)

So Bill Murray appeared on last night’s Late Night With David Lettermen and the subject of a possible Ghostbusters III came up.

Murray dished out pretty much the same quote he gave last month to London’s Daily Mail. You can watch the embedded clip below for the highlights from the interview.

However, I think we should take note of Murray’s tone in the interview. He doesn’t seem very convinced that the film will ever actually happen, and says so outright. Is Murray just doubtful, given the length of time it has been since Ghostbusters II and having seen so much talk and very little action on a third film in that intervening time? Is he just not enthused with the idea of returning to do a third film, despite what he has to say about his experience recording dialogue for the recent Ghostbusters video game?

I have a feeling that, if push comes to shove and the film gets a greenlight, Murray may just find himself enjoying the process more than he indicates that he would here.

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March 2, 2010 3:27 pm

GB3 WILL happen, but its obvious that itll feature an entirely new main cast, with possible cameos from most of the previous. Killing off the old cast as an introduction would be an interesting start, but how theyll manage to make GB3 a good film whilst not being a simple rip off of the original movies, will be interesting to find out- if they can pull it off. GB2 was a rip off of GB1 in the sense that it followed exactly the same main formula, but there were enough good ideas in there to make it an (arguably) enjoyable… Read more »

March 4, 2011 8:50 am

Alex, it’s the same director and the same writers as the original ghostbusters. That makes it impossible to be a rip off.