New Releases: March 12

1. Green Zone (Universal, 3,003 Theaters, 115 Minutes, Rated R): The director of the Bourne  films and the star of the Bourne films means this essentially a Bourne film, right? Not exactly.

Matt Damon plays a U.S. Army officer who goes rogue in pursuit of weapons of mass destruction in a foreign land. Meanwhile, back in the States, different parts of the government argue over who is to blame for a faulty set of intelligence.

So while Damon might kick a lot of butt in the film, and there will be hand cam out the wazoo, this will have a little bit more political commentary than the Bourne films. 

2. She’s Out Of My League (Paramount, 2,956 Theaters, 104 Minutes, Rated R): It happens in TV shows and movies all the time. The schlumpy, nerdy guy will end up having a hot girlfriend or wife. And there will be little to explain how the two got together. This film build a whole story around that dynamic.

Jay Baruchel plays an airport employee who has a chance encounter with Alice Eve. Even though Jay is a 5 and Alice is a 10, they start dating. But questions involving how someone as hot as her dating a loser like him threaten to break them up.

I’ve like Baruchel in what I’ve seen him in before. If the topic is done realistically and with tact, then this could be a pretty good film. But done wrong, this could be an Apatow clone that goes off the rails.  

3. Remember Me (Summit Entertainment, 2,212 Theaters, 113 Minutes, Rated PG-13): Okay, here is a test. How will Robert Pattinson do in a romance where he isn’t all blood sucking and sparkly?

And also a romance where there is not a lot of comedy. There are murdered mothers and suicides of brothers and a bunch of other  fun stuff like that. Cheery stuff.

It seems to be a romance between two damaged people and while that could work, it could be relentless for the audience. But, odds are Twi-hards won’t really care what the plot is about as long as they get to ogle Pattinson, so this film could do very well.

4. Our Family Wedding (FOX Searchlight, 1,605 Theaters, 90 Minutes, Rated PG-13): Big week this week, with four films being released. I guess the studios are gearing up for summer.

This film is your typical wedding film where the patriarchs of each family hate each other. What makes it different if not interesting are the people playing the parents.

On one side, you have Forest Whitaker, who has won an Oscar. The Oscar win might have opened up more roles for himself, but if this is the kind of role he is going to take, then it really didn’t work out that well for him.

On the other side, you have Carlos Mencia, who is best known for his Comedy Central show, The Mind of Mencia. This film could be considered a step up for him, but really, he’s not going to give an Oscar caliber performance in anything he does. So, I am going to avoid this one like the plague.

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