AVATAR To Get Multiple DVD/Blu-Ray Releases

Avatar1With over $2.6 billion taken in at the box office, Avatar has become the box office champion and it looks like 20th Century Fox is going all out to milk a few more bucks out of director James Cameron’s science-fiction epic with a three different home video releases over the coming months.

April 22, and it is no coincidence that that day is also Earth Day, will see Avatar released in a barebones DVD and Blu-ray. Without any extras taking up valuable storage space on the discs, more information can be allotted to the film’s transfer, hopefully translating into a crisper viewing experience.

But if you’re anxious to see some behind-the-scenes features, trailers and cut footage, you’ll have to wait until next November when will release an Avatar “Ultimate Edition.” While there’s no official word yet as to the exact specifics of what will be included, knowing Cameron I expect the disc to have an exhaustive look at the making of the film. I wouldn’t be surprised if this “Ultimate Edition” was a two or three disc release.

Of course, one of the main attractions of Avatar is its 3D photography and that will be available in an upcoming 3D home video release. This edition, however, is being delayed until 2011 when the studio hopes that more people will have adopted the 3D television monitors which are just starting to become available.

Source Reuters.

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March 17, 2010 10:36 am

Damn corporate greed. I will wait for November. I am not double dipping with non-James Bond releases.