Sasha Grey Tries Chastity For New Horror Film

Adult film star Sasha Grey is taking a purity pledge for the upcoming horror film Hallows in which she’ll be appearing very much against type as a young christian woman who has vowed to abstain from sex before marriage.

Director Richard O’Sullivan states that Grey’s casting fits in with what he wants to do with his film-

Hallows basically takes the standard kids-in-the-woods-running-from-a-killer genre and flips it on its ear. The deaths aren’t random. They’re not cookie cutter. Each character dies in a fashion relating to the way they live their life. I’m less interested in gore-for-the-sake-of-gore (although there is gore in this film and plenty of it) than the psychology behind the characters and how they react to what happens. That’s why we’re happy to be working with Sasha. She’s more interested in the psychology behind the action than just the action itself. That’s what she conveys in her work in the adult genre and that’s what we’re going for in this film.

Grey’s appearance in the film isn’t the only bit of cross-expectation casting going on. O’Sullivan has also hired Christina Cupo, best known for her work in Christian-themed films, to play a pierced and tattooed goth girl who likes rough sex.

There’s nothing new in porn stars crossing over to work in mainstream films. Traci Lords has even managed to leave behind her old career entirely and carve out a decent, if low-key, post-porn filmography. But most of the times that adult entertainers crossover, the roles they play generally play into the audience’s knowledge of the actor as porn star. This is probably the most counter-intuitive casting since former Playboy Playmate Stella Stevens played a nun in 1968’s Where Angels Go Trouble Follows.

Grey has made quite a name for herself in the adult entertainer business in just the few short years she’s been in it. In the documentary 9 To 5: Days Of Porn, she discusses her credo of self-empowerment through her work. In addition to proving to be a popular actress, she is demonstrating savvy business sense as well. She has already made a few mainstream acting appearances, including a solid performance in Steven Soderburgh’s drama The Girlfriend Experience. I should be interesting to see what she does with the role.

And looking to the future, will it be possible for Grey to continue working in both adult and mainstream films? Common wisdom would say “No,” but I think that Grey may have a few more career surprises up her sleeve.

Via Horror Squad.

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March 18, 2010 8:36 am

Ironic deaths is something new? Hardly. “See No Evil” (which also features some adult film crossover – its director) springs to mind immediately.

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